1. What to Know Before Co-Signing a Bail Bond

    Nothing is worse than finding out a loved one was arrested and booked into jail. You start to panic over what happened, why it happened, and what’s next. Then it hits you: what can you possibly do to help? The first thing that comes to mind is getting them out of jail. Before you fully commit to it, just know that co-signing a bail bond is no small favor. It’s critical you understand the risks…Read More

  2. Bail Bonds for DUI – What to Know

    We are often asked how the bail process works for an individual who is arrested for a DUI offense. First, the person must remain in jail until they are taken before a judge. It’s at this time where the judge advises the arrested of the charges filed against them. But that’s not the only thing that takes place during what’s called arraignment. This is also when the judge or magistrate sets bo…Read More

  3. Questions to Ask Your Local Bail Bondsman

    You never think about hiring a local bail bondsman until a loved one gets in trouble. That’s why it’s a good idea to educate yourself now about how bail works. Here are some questions you may want to ask the bondsman: Are you experienced? - Some agencies center around taking money from clients and that’s it. Others, meanwhile, don’t bother with training their staff or getting everyone lice…Read More

  4. What to Expect From Your Local Bail Bondsman

    In a number of television shows and movies, the bail bondsman is often portrayed as another bad guy. But that’s just not the way it is in the real world. Sure, depending on the situation, you may be paying the bondsman a large sum of money to bail out your loved one from jail. Our team at ABC Bail Bonds believes the transaction shouldn’t completely revolve around finances, though. The fact is …Read More

  5. Can a Bail Bondsman Arrest You?

    Much is made about what a local bail bondsman can and cannot do legally. Sure, a bail bonds service works a great deal with the courthouse. But is it considered a government entity? Taking it a step further, can a bondsman arrest you? We will answer those questions and more in this post. It’s a good idea to review what a bail bond is before going any further. Also known as a surety bond, a bail …Read More

  6. Can a Bail Bondsman Garnish My Wages?

    Never in a million years did you think you’d get such a phone call. One of your loved ones is in jail. Panic and uncertainty begin to settle in. After some time, you begin to collect your thoughts. Your first step is to call a local bail bondsman to get your friend or family member out of jail as quickly as possible. But as you do some quick research on posting bail, you come across an interesti…Read More

  7. How a Bail Bondsman Makes Money

    As complicated as some make it, the bail bond process is pretty simple. Someone gets arrested and put in jail. A judge then sets their bail, which is the money the defendant must pay if they want to be released before their court date. The defendant gets their money back as long as they show up in court when they’re supposed to, and forfeit if they don’t. One question folks have though is how …Read More

  8. What Can a Bail Bondsman Do Legally?

    In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed how to post bail and how exactly bail bonds work. But what many people fail to realize is that their local bail bondsman is on their side. Unfortunately, these same folks believe that a bail bonds service can essentially “hold them hostage” during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Keep reading to learn what a bail bondsman can and cannot …Read More

  9. What Makes a Good Bail Bondsman?

    Your head is spinning when you get the call that a loved one is in jail. You’ve never worked with a local bail bondsman, let alone even understand how posting bail works. With all the uncertainty involved, it’s imperative to hire a bail bondsman who will do more than the bare minimum. There are plenty of bail bond companies out there, however, which qualities should you look for most? We will …Read More

  10. What’s the Difference Between a Bail Bondsman and a Bounty Hunter?

    Though they’re often mistakenly portrayed as having similar duties, the reality is that a bail bondsman and bounty hunter are very different. They may work together at times, but by no means are the two interchangeable. In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between the two. What’s a Bounty Hunter? These folks track down criminal defendants who have skipped bail. As we’ve discuss…Read More