1. What Makes a Good Bail Bondsman?

    Your head is spinning when you get the call that a loved one is in jail. You’ve never worked with a local bail bondsman, let alone even understand how posting bail works. With all the uncertainty involved, it’s imperative to hire a bail bondsman who will do more than the bare minimum. There are plenty of bail bond companies out there, however, which qualities should you look for most? We will …Read More

  2. Top Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

    Believe it or not, posting bail should be a fairly simple process. But there are several mistakes that you want to avoid making so that you don’t wind up facing more serious consequences. Keep reading to learn about the top five as explained by our local bail bondsman. Neglecting consequences or skipping bail altogether - In many court systems, a judge will forfeit your bail if you fail to make …Read More